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What are Bleeps ?

The very first sounds of the EVM

415 HzSAWG#4
415 HzPULSEG#4

Bleeps use the same pioneer concept introduced in Mandalas.eth, where the metadata is fully generated from the contract, zero externalities, no backend, no ipfs, nor any client code required. While mandalas generated bitmaps, Bleeps generate sounds as wav files!

How to get a Bleep ?

Bleeps are initially mintable through a prelimary sale at 0.1 ETH each Bleep. 75% of the proceeds go to the Bleeps DAO. There is a hard-coded max supply of 1024 sounds but only 576 sounds are currently available made of 9 instrument each composed of 64 notes (frequencies). 128 of them are currently reserved by the Bleeps' creator (wighawag) and might be distributed differently. The rest of the Bleeps (448) do not yet exist but can potentially be created later at the discretion of the DAO.

What are the benefits of owning a Bleep ?

Owning a Bleep transforms a mere user into a Bleeper. Bleepers are given vote in the Bleeps DAO and earn a passive revenue from Melodies created from Bleeps they own. They also get to vote on proposal about the DAO treasury which they manage. One Bleep, One Vote.

Wait... Melodies ?

Melodies are the next steps for Bleeps. A Melody is a sequence of 32 Bleeps fine-tuned by their creator to output the most awesome tracks. Melodies are put on auction as they are minted, and the revenue from the auction is split between the Creator (90%), the Bleepers (5%) and the DAO (5%). You can test a demo version here.

What about the Bleeps DAO ?

Like Nouns DAO, Bleeps DAO utilizes a fork of Compound Governance and its main governing body. The Bleep DAO treasury receives a share (5%) of the ETH proceeds from Melodies auctions. Each Bleep is an irrevocable member of the Bleep DAO and entitled to one vote in all governance matters. The DAO has full power over the future of Bleeps, new instruments (up to 16), evolution of Melodies and economic models.


Stay tuned for more and come have a chat on our Discord server!